As part of Craft Union’s philosophy we believe our pubs play a vital role in the lives of their local communities and we are committed to nurturing this.

Between August 2018 and July 2019 our Craft Union operators, or as we like to call them our ‘local heroes’ have held 628 individual charity events specific to their local communities.

In total, these community-led events have raised over £344,000 for hundreds of local charities.

These charity events are truly led by the community; the planning, the investment, the marketing, the promotion, and the participation, are all driven by the local operator and their close-knit team for the benefit of the broader community.

We believe to really support a community, we must strive to understand the needs and empathise with the individuals who represent that Community. For us, it is about providing a safe and trusted place where friends and family can come together, today and for future generations. We have revitalised local community pubs, which has significantly enhanced the customer experience by delivering back into the communities their much loved, well invested community hubs.


A recent campaign example is our ’Summer Sand Bucket List’. Alongside various different charity events taking place throughout the summer, this initiative provided the opportunity for Craft Union to thank locals by making their ‘Sand-Bucket List’ dreams come true.

Local customers from each community were invited to fill in a postcard with their ‘Sand Bucket Wish List’ and post in their local pub post box at the bar for the chance to win their chosen dream. This campaign was so successful that we received almost 2,000 postcards which we have now been shortlisted to a selection of 250 dreams that we are going to make come true in the coming months.


Another example of Craft Union’s commitment to supporting local causes at a national level is our ‘Love your Local’ campaign. This initiative, now in its second year, provides loyal customers with the opportunity to tell us why their beloved pub is at the heart of their local community and why they love it so much, with winners then awarded donations worth £500 for local charities of their choice, bringing a direct benefit to the local community.

Customers were invited to write a ‘love letter’ which were submitted via post boxes across the estate, with over 3000 letters received and judged.