Craft Union employee Joanne Ness had the idea to start a road safety campaign. The 12th April 2022 marks one whole year of this fantastic campaign! Joanne and her team make up just four people trying to make a huge difference. All four of them work full-time and facilitate the campaign alongside their full-time jobs, purely voluntary. What an incredible achievement!

After a series of local bike incidents on the road, Jo and friends created the campaign 'More than a cyclist.' Their mission is to make cycling safer by putting a human face to people who ride bikes. This is a social media campaign that asks followers to re-share posts in order to reach those beyond the cycling community. It relies on people who ride bikes to be advocates and the mechanism for reaching their drivers target audience. Follow the More than a Cyclist Campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The aim is for drivers to see the posts from their cycling friends and by connecting emotionally to them, they will re-think their approach to people who ride bikes. By connecting the message of cyclists as people, with the medium of a post from a person they know, we increase the relevancy of the campaign.

Want to find out more about this fantastic campaign? Visit their website HERE.