Download the Craft Union Order & Pay App

Download the new Craft Union Order & Pay app. It's the easiest and fastest way to order and pay for drinks from the comfort of your booth or table. 

App Update

Our order and pay app is ready for you to use from the comfort of your table the next time you visit so why not download them before you arrive!

If you already have the app, we just want to let you know that we have added some additions to make it even more secure.

These additions will prompt you to sign in to the app in order to re-authenticate your login. You will then be sent a one-time passcode to your email address which you will need to enter before making a purchase. Once the code is entered then you will be able to make your purchases as normal.

The security of our apps and your data is our key priority. Happy ordering!

Data Safety

To help you stay safe online, please remember:

  • Keep your device software & apps up to date.

  • Use different, secure passwords for all online accounts.

  • Do not open emails or attachments if you have any questions on the source of the email.

  • Make sure you know who you are dealing with before disclosing any personal information online.

  • Always check links before clicking on them - you can do this by hovering over the link to see whether the source is recognisable. Do not click any link if you are unsure.

  • The ICO has very helpful information on its website, including a page dedicated to online safety.

How it works


Create your account and find a pub

Download the Craft Union Order & Pay App from the App Store. Open up the app and follow the instructions to create your new account.

Search for your nearest venue and select it once you're in the pub and ready to order. You can also save your favourite Craft Union Pubs to save time when you visit us again.

Browse our drinks menus

When you're ready to order, select 'Order & Pay'. Our drinks menus have been split into easy to navigate sections. Once you've found the drinks you'd like to order, simply click on your selection and add to your basket*.

Confirm your order

Once you've selected all of your drinks*, click on the shopping cart icon and you'll be taken to your basket. When you're ready, add your table number and confirm the order.

Pay for your round

Once you've confirmed your order, it's time to pay for the round. Simply add your credit/debit card details or pay via Apple Pay if you're using an iPhone. Now you can sit back and relax whilst our staff make your drinks and bring them to your table!

Find your nearest pub using the new Order & Pay App

The new app isn't available in all of pubs just yet. Find out if your local Craft Union Pub is using the new app below.

*Prices may vary from the examples shown above.